How can you get frustrated with someone for not loving you the way you want to be love? If you never taught them how to love you. You can’t teach others how to love you if you don’t know how to love yourself.

Today is the day to start loving you for who you are. It’s time you stop listening to self-doubt and improve your self-worth.

The first step to learning how to love yourself is learning who you are. What do you like and dislike? What makes you smile and what makes you cry?

The second step is putting yourself first. Taking care of your wants and needs. Stop putting what you need and want on the back burner. If you need some alone time, take it. If you want to get a massage or get your nails done, then do it. If you want to read a book or go to the beach, do it. Take care of you first, then you can help others. If you don’t take care of your wants and needs who will?

The third step is encouraging yourself. When you are pursuing your goals or dreams don’t let self-doubt get in your way. When people around you say negative things, ignore them. Look yourself in the mirror and say ”You are awesome and I love you.”

You have to show others how to love you by following those three steps above. When you do things for yourself that you say you’re going to do, others will see you’re following through. Your constantly telling everyone yes and putting yourself on the backburner then other will do the same. You tell people what you like and don’t like. If you don’t go through your self-discovery in step one then how can you know your likes and dislikes?

Loving thyself first is a must when teaching others how to love you. Don’t neglect your wants and needs. Learning the power of ”no” will be a tremendous help.


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